Category Subcategory Promise Latest status As of
Economy Families Increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement for single low-income seniors by 10%. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Families Allow parents to take longer parental leaves of up to 18 months with lower benefits. Not started
Government Access to Information Create a central, no-fee portal for personal information requests. In progress 2016-03-22
Security Veterans Include provisions for the employment of veterans in the Community Benefits Agreements of federal infrastructure projects. Not started
Economy Families Consult with provinces, territories and other stakeholders to introduce a National Disabilities Act. Not started
Culture CBC/Radio-Canada Reverse $150 million cuts in new annual funding for CBC/Radio-Canada. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Families Improve access and reduce the cost of prescription medications. In progress 2016-01-21
Economy Taxes Cancel family income splitting. Achieved 2016-03-22
Environment Clean Tech Add electric vehicle charging stations at federal parking lots. Not started
Economy Budget Lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio for 2015/2016 to 31%. Not started
Environment Clean Tech Develop a Canadian Energy Strategy to protect Canada's energy security. Not started
Environment Clean Tech Increase government use of clean technologies. In progress 2016-02-10
Environment Clean Tech Issue Green Bonds to fund clean tech projects. Not started
Environment Clean Tech Train trade officials and lead trade missions focused on clean technology. Not started
Environment Climate Change Cancel Northern Gateway Pipeline. Achieved 2015-11-13
Environment Climate Change Phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. Broken 2016-03-24
Environment Climate Change Review Canada's environmental assessment processes and introduce new and fair processes. In progress 2016-08-15
Economy Budget Return to a balanced budget in 2019. Not started
Economy Unions Repeal Bills C-377 and C-525. In progress 2016-10-21
Environment Clean Tech Establish Canada Research Chairs in sustainable technology. In progress 2016-03-22
Government Access to Information Eliminate all fees associated with the Access to Information process except for the initial $5 filing fee. Achieved 2016-05-05
Government Access to Information Expand open data initiatives and make government data available digitally so that Canadians can easily access and use it. In progress 2016-05-05
Government Elections Ban partisan government ads. In progress 2016-05-12
Government Elections Ensure that all Canadians have a right to vote, no matter where they live. Not started
Security Veterans Double funding to the Last Post Fund. Achieved 2016-03-22
Government Elections Establish an independent commission to organize leaders' debates. Not started
Environment Clean Tech Invest $100 million more each year in clean technology producers. In progress 2016-02-10
Government Service Quality Create individualized secure accounts for those who want to access all of their government benefits and review key documents. Not started
Immigration Aid Refocus development assistance on helping the poorest and most vulnerable, with a focus on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Not started
Immigration Family Reunification Give additional points under the Express Entry system and restore the maximum age for dependents to 22 (from 19). Not started
Immigration Refugees Provide $100 million by April 2016 to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Achieved 2015-11-26
Immigration Family Reunification Immediately double the number of applications allowed for parents and grandparents to 10,000 each year. Achieved 2016-01-08
Immigration Refugees Appoint individuals with appropriate subject-matter expertise to Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board. Not started
Immigration Refugees Provide a right to appeal refugee decisions for citizens coming from Designated Countries of Origin. Achieved 2016-01-04
Immigration Refugees Welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015. Broken 2016-02-27
Economy Budget Ensure accounting consistency among the Estimates and the Public Accounts. Not started
Government Service Quality Revert plan to end Canada Post door-to-door mail delivery. In progress 2015-10-26
Security Bill C-51 Require a statutory review of the full Anti-Terrorism Act after three years. Not started
Culture Arts Increase funding for Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board with a new investment totalling $25 million each year. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Families Allow parents to receive benefits in smaller blocks of time over a period of up to 18 months. Not started
Economy Taxes Cut the middle income tax bracket to 20.5% (from 22%). Achieved 2015-12-09
Environment Clean Tech Make Canada the world's most competitive tax jurisdiction for investments in clean tech. In progress 2016-03-22
Indigenous Peoples Education Invest $50 million in additional annual funding to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. Broken 2016-09-06
Indigenous Peoples Métis Develop a Métis Economic Development Strategy with $25 million funding over five years. Achieved 2016-03-22
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Enact the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Not started 2015-12-15
Security Veterans Invest $100 million each year to expand the circle of support for veterans' families. Not started
Security Veterans Cover the cost of four years of post-secondary education for every veteran who wants one. Broken 2016-07-25
Economy Taxes Introduce a new Canada Child Benefit which will be tax-free, tied to income, and delivered monthly. Achieved 2016-03-22
Indigenous Peoples Métis Establish a federal claims process that recognizes Métis self-government and resolves outstanding claims. Not started
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Launch a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. Achieved 2015-12-08
Environment Clean Tech Invest $200 million more each year to support innovation and the use of clean technologies in our natural resource sectors, including the forestry, fisheries, mining, energy, and agricultural sectors. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Invest an additional $100 million each year in the Industrial Research Assistance Program. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Families Amend the Canada Labour Code to provide federally regulated employees with the right to make a formal request to their employer for more flexible working conditions. Not started
Government Access to Information Amend the Access to Information Act so that all government data is made open by default in digital formats. In progress 2016-05-05
Government Access to Information Create a common, quarterly, and more detailed parliamentary expense report. Broken 2017-01-04
Government Access to Information Release key information that informs decision-making and devote a fixed percentage of program funds to experimenting with new approaches to existing problems. Not started
Government Elections Provide Elections Canada with the resources it needs to investigate voter fraud and suppression, illegal financing, and other matters that threaten the integrity of the electoral process. Not started
Government Elections Review the limits on how much political parties can spend during elections, and ensure that spending between elections is subject to limits. Not started
Security Domestic Security Re-open the Maritime Rescue Sub-centre in St. John's and the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base in Vancouver. In progress
Environment Clean Tech Rapidly expand the federal fleet of electric vehicles. Not started
Environment Climate Change Modernize the National Energy Board, ensuring that its composition reflects regional views and has sufficient expertise in fields like environmental science, community development, and Indigenous traditional knowledge. In progress 2016-11-08
Indigenous Peoples Education Invest $500 million over 2015 to 2018 for building and refurbishing First Nations schools. In progress 2016-03-22
Security Bill C-51 Ensure that Canadians are not limited from lawful protests and advocacy. Not started
Security Bill C-51 Limit Communications Security Establishment’s powers by requiring a warrant to engage in the surveillance of Canadians. Not started
Security Domestic Security Offer a $300,000 compensation benefit to families of disabled or deceased firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. Not started
Security Domestic Security Repeal provision of Bill C-24 stating that Canadian citizenship can be revoked after being convicted of treason or of an act of terrorism in Canada or abroad. In progress 2016-02-25
Security Bill C-51 Create the Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-radicalization Coordinator. Not started
Security Guns Invest in technologies to enhance border guards' ability to detect and halt illegal guns from the United States entering into Canada. Not started
Security Guns Require purchasers of firearms to show a license when they buy a gun, and require all sellers of firearms to confirm that the license is valid before completing the sale. Not started
Immigration Family Reunification Double the budget for processing family class sponsorship to reduce wait times (which are currently at four years for parent and grandparent applications). Not started
Indigenous Peoples Education Provide new funding to help Indigenous communities promote and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures. Achieved 2016-03-22
Economy Budget Reduce the advertising budget of the government of Canada and the use of external consultants. Achieved 2016-03-22
Security Military Do not buy the F-35s, and immediately launch an open and transparent competition and reduce the procurement budget to replace the current CF-18s. Broken 2016-02-24
Security Military Implement the recommendations made in the Canadian Forces' Report on Transformation on how to build a more efficient military. Not started
Security Military Maintain current National Defence spending levels, including planned increases. Broken 2016-03-22
Security Veterans Hire 400 new service delivery staff. In progress 2015-12-03
Culture Arts Review the Copyright Act of 2012 to better understand its impacts on the arts and culture sector. Not started
Economy Budget Restore the requirement that the government's borrowing plans receive Parliament's pre-approval. Not started
Economy Families Eliminate the $1,000 Labour Market Impact Assessment fee to make it easier and more affordable to hire caregivers. Not started
Security Veterans Invest $40 million each year to provide injured veterans with 90% of their pre-release salary with inflation indexation. In progress 2016-03-22
Security Veterans Spend $20 million to create two new centres of excellence in veterans' care. Not started
Economy Lower Incomes Increase the maximum Canada Student Grant to $3,000 per year for full-time students and to $1,800 per year for part-time students to provide direct help to students from low- and middle-income families. Achieved 2016-03-22
Immigration Refugees Restore the Interim Federal Health Program that provides limited and temporary health benefits to refugees and refugee claimants. Achieved 2016-04-11
Environment Climate Change Attend the Paris climate conference and within 90 days formally meet to establish a pan-Canadian framework for combatting climate change. Achieved 2016-03-03
Government Elections Restore the independence of the Commissioner of Canada Elections so that they are accountable to Parliament and not the government of the day. Not started
Government Foreign Affairs Normalize relations with Iran. In progress 2016-02-05
Government Parliament For members of the Liberal Caucus, all votes will be free votes except those that implement the Liberal platform, traditional confidence matters, and those that address the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Achieved 2016-05-31
Government Science Improve food labels to give more information on added sugars and artificial dyes in processed foods. In progress 2016-10-24
Indigenous Peoples Métis Review existing federal programs and services available to the Métis Nation to identify gaps and areas for improvement. Not started
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Ensure clean water availability on 93 communities on reserves currently affected by poor water quality. In progress 2015-12-29
Security Bill C-51 Establish an all-party national security oversight committee. Not started
Security Bill C-51 Guarantee that all Canadian Security Intelligence Service warrants respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Not started
Security Domestic Security Repeal Bill C-36 (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act). Not started
Culture Official Languages Reinstate the Court Challenges Program of Canada. In progress 2016-03-22
Culture Arts Restore the Promart and Trade Routes international cultural promotion programs and increase their funding to $25 million each year. In progress 2016-03-22
Culture Official Languages Ensure judicial appointments to the Supreme Court are functionally bilingual. In progress 2016-04-02
Culture CBC/Radio-Canada Ensure the CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors appointments are merit-based and independent. Not started
Culture Arts Double funding in Canada Council for the Arts to $360 million each year (from its 2015 yearly budget of $180 million). In progress 2016-03-22
Culture Official Languages Establish a free online service for learning and retaining English and French as second languages. Not started
Economy Families Increase investments in the Nutrition North program by $40 million over four years. Achieved 2016-03-24
Economy Families Increase the availability of high-quality mental health services for Canadians. Not started
Economy Investments Quadruple federal investment in public transit over next ten years. In progress 2016-03-22
Environment National Parks Invest $25 million each year to develop Canada's National Parks system and expand National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries. In progress 2016-03-22
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Immediately adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and ensure every new policy and law would meet with its principles. Broken 2016-09-10
Security Guns Modify the membership of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to include knowledgeable law enforcement officers, public health advocates, representatives from women's groups, and members of the legal community. Not started
Security Guns Provide $100 million each year to the provinces and territories to support guns and gangs police task forces. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Families Increase the Northern Residents Deduction residency component by 33% (to a maximum of $22 per day). Achieved 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Make the the New Building Canada Fund more transparent by providing clearer project criteria and faster approval processes. Not started
Economy Lower Incomes Reduce the Employment Insurance benefits waiting period to one week (from two). In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Taxes Reduce the small business tax rate to 9% (from 11%). Broken 2016-03-23
Economy Taxes Set a cap on how much can be claimed through the stock option deduction on annual stock option gains higher than $100,000. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Families Establish a pan-Canadian collaboration on health innovation. In progress 2016-01-21
Economy Budget Run short-term deficits of less than $10 billion in each of the next two fiscal years (2016 and 2017). Broken 2016-02-22
Economy Investments Invest an additional $100 million in agricultural research over four years. Not started
Economy Investments Invest an additional $775 million per year for job and skills training. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Invest an additional $80 million in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency over four years. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Lower Incomes Ensure that no graduate with student loans is required to make any repayment until they are earning an income of at least $25,000 per year. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Lower Incomes Invest $25 million per year in the Youth Service Program. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Lower Incomes Invest $300 million more in the Youth Employment Strategy to create 40,000 youth jobs - including 5,000 youth green jobs - each year for the next three years. Broken 2016-10-03
Economy Lower Incomes Restore the eligibility age for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to 65. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Lower Incomes Review escalating home prices in high-priced markets. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Taxes Introduce a new tax bracket of 33% for individuals earning more than $200,000. Achieved 2015-12-09
Economy Budget Lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio for 2017/2018 to 29%. Not started
Economy Budget Provide costing analysis for each government bill. Not started
Economy Taxes Offer a 12-month break on Employment Insurance premiums to encourage companies to hire young people by waiving employer premiums for all those between the ages of 18 and 24 who are hired into a permanent position in 2016, 2017, or 2018. Broken 2016-03-29
Economy Investments Make the New Building Canada Fund more focused on providing investments in public transit, social infrastructure, and green infrastructure. In progress 2016-03-22
Immigration Students and Workers Make it more affordable to send money overseas. Not started
Economy Families Introduce a new Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Benefit for the purchase of up to $1,000 worth of school supplies each year. Achieved 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Invest $160 million in an Agri-Food Value Added Investment Fund over four years. Not started
Economy Investments Invest $6 billion more in green infrastructure over next four years. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Transfer uncommitted federal infrastructure funds to municipalities through a temporary top-up of the Gas Tax Fund. Achieved 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Provide loan guarantees and small capital contributions to provinces and municipalities through the Canada Infrastructure Bank. Not started
Economy Lower Incomes Invest $40 million each year to help employers create more co-op placements for students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and business programs. Broken 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Reverse plan to charge tolls to drivers using Montreal's new Champlain Bridge. In progress 2016-07-08
Economy Lower Incomes Remove GST on new capital investments in affordable rental housing. Not started
Economy Taxes Reduce the Employment Insurance premium rate (per $100 of insurable earnings) from $1.88 to $1.65. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Unions Reinstate the tax credit for contributions made to labour-sponsored funds. Achieved 2016-03-22
Economy Budget Lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio for 2016/2017 to 30%. Not started
Economy Families Immediately start to invest $3 billion over the next four years to deliver better home care services (including in-home caregivers, financial support for family care, and palliative care). Broken 2016-03-25
Economy Budget The 2016 middle class tax cut combined with the new 33% tax bracket will be revenue neutral. Broken 2015-12-10
Economy Families Develop a new National Early Learning and Child Care Framework to deliver affordable, high-quality, flexible, and inclusive child care for Canadian families - this work will begin in the first 100 days of a Liberal government and is to be funded through investments in social infrastructure. In progress 2016-01-20
Economy Lower Incomes Meet with the provinces and develop a plan to fund a gradual enhancement of the CPP's defined benefit plan. Achieved 2016-06-20
Economy Budget Lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio for 2019/2020 to 27%. Not started
Economy Budget Lower the federal debt-to-GDP ratio for 2018/2019 to 28%. Not started
Economy Families Make the Compassionate Care Benefit more flexible so that those who care for seriously ill family members can access six months of benefits. Achieved 2016-01-04
Economy Investments Invest $200 million each year in a new Innovation Agenda. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Families Increase funding to the Public Health Agency of Canada by $15 million in 2016-2017. In progress 2016-03-22
Economy Investments Invest $20 billion more in social infrastructure over next ten years. In progress 2016-03-22
Environment National Parks Expand the Learn to Camp program. Achieved 2016-03-22
Environment National Parks Restore Parks Canada funding by reversing $25 million cuts. Not started
Environment Water Restore $1.5 million in annual federal funding for freshwater research. Achieved 2016-03-22
Environment Water Restore $40 million funding for federal ocean science and monitoring programs. Achieved 2016-03-22
Environment Climate Change Re-do the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion review. Broken 2016-05-19
Environment Climate Change Work with the United States and Mexico to develop a North American clean energy and environmental agreement. Not started
Environment Water Follow recommendations of the Cohen Commission on restoring sockeye salmon stocks in the Fraser River. In progress 2015-11-13
Environment Water Increase the amount of Canada's marine and coastal areas that are protected to 5% by 2017. Not started
Environment Climate Change Create a new Low Carbon Economy Trust. In progress 2016-03-22
Environment National Parks Beginning in 2018, admission for children under 18 will be free, and any adult who has become a Canadian citizen in the previous 12 months will be given one year's free admission. Not started
Environment National Parks Work with the Ontario government to create the country's first urban National Park (Rouge National Park) including improved legislation to protect this park. In progress 2016-06-09
Environment National Parks In 2017, admission for all visitors to National Parks will be free. In progress
Government Elections Increase election fraud penalties. Not started
Government Elections Restore the voter identification card as an acceptable form of identification. Not started
Government Elections Scrap Bill C-50 (Citizen Voting Act). Not started
Government Parliament Do not use prorogation to avoid difficult political circumstances. In progress 2015-11-04
Government Parliament Introduce a Prime Minister's Question Period. In progress 2015-12-09
Government Parliament Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries may not be, or stand in for, voting members on committees. In progress
Government Parliament Parliamentary committees will be given more resources to acquire independent, expert analysis of proposed legislation. Not started
Government Science Bring in tougher regulations to eliminate trans fats and to reduce salt in processed foods. Not started
Government Science Consolidate government science so that it is easily available to the public at-large through a central portal. Not started
Government Science Create the post of Chief Science Officer. In progress 2016-11-16
Government Science End MSM blood donation ban. Broken 2016-06-20
Government Science Introduce plain packaging requirements for tobacco products, similar to those in Australia and the United Kingdom. In progress 2016-03-15
Government Service Quality Create new performance standards for services offered by the federal government, including streamlining applications, reducing wait times, and money-back guarantees. Not started
Government Statscan Make Statistics Canada fully independent. In progress 2016-11-01
Government Statscan Immediately restore the mandatory long-form census. Achieved 2015-11-05
Government Women and Youth Create a Prime Minister's Youth Advisory Council, consisting of young Canadians aged 16-24, to provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister on issues the country is facing. Achieved 2016-07-19
Government Women and Youth Include an equal number of women and men in the Cabinet. Achieved 2015-11-04
Government Women and Youth Register young Canadians to vote as a part of their high school or CEGEP curriculum. Not started
Government Parliament Change the House of Commons Standing Orders to end practice of using inappropriate omnibus bills to reduce scrutiny of legislative measures. Not started
Government Parliament Empower the Speaker to challenge and sanction Members during Question Period, and allow more time for questions and answers. Not started
Government Science Introduce new restrictions on the commercial marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children, similar to those in Québec. In progress 2016-10-24
Government Science Revoke rules and regulations that muzzle government scientists and allow them to speak freely about their work, with only limited and publicly stated exceptions. Achieved 2017-01-06
Government Science Work with the professional medical community and relevant stakeholders to establish professional protocols in relation to decriminalizing medically-assisted death. Achieved 2016-04-14
Government Senate Create a new, non-partisan, merit-based process to advise the Prime Minister on Senate appointments. Achieved 2015-12-03
Government Women and Youth Ensure gender-based impact analysis in Cabinet decision-making. Not started
Government Elections End first-past-the-post voting system and explore alternative electoral reform options. Broken 2017-02-01
Immigration Students and Workers Give international students and temporary residents credit for time already spent in Canada. In progress 2016-02-25
Immigration Family Reunification Grant immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada, eliminating the two-year waiting period. Not started
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Guarantee that First Nation communities have a veto over natural resource development in their territories. Broken 2016-07-29
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Implement the objectives of the Kelowna Accord. Not started 2005-11-25
Indigenous Peoples Education Invest $300 million in additional annual funding for the First Nations education system for kindergarten through grade 12 programs. In progress 2016-03-22
Indigenous Peoples Métis Make permanent the funding available to provincial Métis communities for Métis identification and registration. Not started
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Fund the Freedom Road project for Shoal Lake 40 First Nation. In progress 2016-06-03
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Immediately lift the two percent cap on funding for First Nations programs. Broken 2016-06-16
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues Review, repeal and amend all existing laws that do not respect Indigenous rights or that were passed without proper consultation. Not started
Indigenous Peoples Social Issues The Prime Minister will meet with First Nations, Métis Nation, and Inuit leaders at least once every year. In progress 2015-12-08
Security Domestic Security Implement a federal gender violence strategy. In progress 2016-06-27
Security Bill C-51 Require that government review all appeals by Canadians on the no-fly list. Not started
Security Bill C-51 Define “terrorist propaganda” more clearly. Not started
Security Domestic Security Lift the Mexican visa requirement for travelers. In progress 2015-11-17
Security Domestic Security Restore funding for Canada's four heavy urban search and rescue teams. Achieved 2016-03-22
Security Guns Canada will become a party to the international Arms Trade Treaty. In progress 2016-06-30
Security Guns Immediately implement the imported gun marking regulations. Broken 2016-02-11
Security Guns Repeal changes made by Bill C-42 allowing restricted firearms to be freely transported without a permit. Not started
Security Guns Require enhanced background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a handgun or other restricted firearm. Not started
Security Guns Require firearms vendors to keep records of all firearms inventory and sales. Not started
Security Military Build icebreakers, supply ships, Arctic and offshore patrol ships, surface combatants, and other resources required by the Navy. Not started
Security Marijuana Make new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide marijuana to minors. Not started
Security Marijuana Legalize marijuana by removing marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code. In progress 2016-04-20
Security Military End Operation IMPACT (airstrikes against ISIS targets by Canadian CF-18s in Syria and Iraq). Achieved
Security Military Maintain participation in operations REASSURANCE (NATO-Eastern Europe) and UNIFIER (Ukraine). Achieved 2015-11-04
Security Military Prioritize assistance for civilian police training operations, particularly Francophone officers. Not started
Security Veterans Eliminate the marriage after 60 clause. Not started
Security Veterans Increase the value of the disability award. In progress 2016-03-22
Security Veterans Increase the veteran survivor's pension amount from 50% to 70%. Not started
Security Veterans Invest $25 million each year to expand access to the Permanent Impairment Allowance. In progress 2016-03-22
Security Veterans Re-establish lifelong pensions as an option for injured veterans. Broken 2016-01-20
Security Veterans Re-open the nine Veterans Affairs service offices. In progress 2017-02-01
Security Marijuana Make new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana. Not started
Security Marijuana Create a federal/provincial/territorial task force to design a new system of marijuana sales and distribution. Achieved 2016-12-13
Security Marijuana Make new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who sell marijuana outside of the new regulatory framework. Not started
Security Veterans End the time limit for surviving spouses to apply for vocational rehabilitation and assistance services. Not started
Security Veterans Invest $80 million every year to create a new Veterans Education Benefit. Broken 2016-07-25